Venkatramana Jewels Blog Latest Products Sat, 02 Dec 2023 17:59:25 +0530 en-us Wide Range Of Metal Bracelets Thu, 16 Oct 2014 18:25:48 +0530 Metal Bracelets have always made part of the jewellery boxes of women from times immemorial, and over the years men have also developed a penchant for these bracelets. The modern accessory shops are always replete with latest Metal Bracelets and buyers also shop online. There are various Types Of Metal Bracelets such as: Bangle Metal Bracelets: The Bangle Metal Bracelets are circular bracelets and come in different styles. The thinner bracelets can be worn in a set and thick ones can be worn as a single accessory. These look good with both modern and traditional attires and can be flaunted on all special occasions.Cuff Metal Bracelets: The Cuff Metal Bracelets can be purchased in widths ranging from thick to thin. These are one of the favourite pieces of jewellery for many women and worn on the wrists. The cuffs of these bracelets may have a button, snap or clasp. Chain & Charm Metal Bracelets: The Chain and Charm Bracelets have always been popular among girls and women. These <a href=""><b>Metal Bracelets</b></a> hold charms like soft balls, hearts, teddy bears etc. and look stunning. Link Metal Bracelets: The Link Metal Bracelets are simple and classy looking bracelets. The bracelets are decorated with precious stones and come in a variety of designs and styles. Tennis Metal Bracelets: These bracelets are fashioned from metals, typically gold or silver. These bracelets may be further embellished with diamonds and various precious stones, and are very flexible in form. These are expensive in comparison to other metal bracelets and go well with different kinds of formal clothing. The Metal Bracelets can also be classified according to their designs, which may reflect modern or traditional taste. Vintage & Retro Metal Bracelets: Many young women carry a fondness for accessorising themselves in vintage or retro style jewellery. Such women can satisfy their fancies by wearing retro / vintage styled Metal Bracelets that come in variety of styles and designs. Modern Styled Metal Bracelets: Delicate yet durable, eccentric designs in Metal Bracelets are preferred by women all the time. From quirky to avant-garde, there is a wide range of Modern Styled Metal Bracelets available to choose from. Metal Bracelets have been in vogue for past many years and have become one of the most popular fashion accessories of all times. The Metal Bracelets are available in many colours and can be bought in different designs. These are resistant to abrasion and also do not lose their lustre easily. There are many Metal Bracelet Exporters in Rajasthan, India offering Metal Bracelets at highly competitive prices. One can browse through the website of different exporters and check the various designs of Metal Bracelets offered. The enquiries can be made at the number or the enquiry form provided on the website can be filled. How to Choose the Right Glass Beaded Bracelet to Buy? Thu, 16 Oct 2014 18:27:40 +0530 Beaded jewellery has always fascinated women and accentuated their beauty. Women love to buy a wide range of accessories, and beaded bracelets are their favourite trinkets amongst all gemstones. These are inexpensive to buy but look no less elegant than a diamante. Glass Beaded Bracelets are made from: Spacer beads are the beads that are used to divide the various sections of glass beads. Beading wire is used to hold the beads. The flexible or non-flexible stringing material is also one of the materials used in making glass beaded bracelets. Clasps are used to hold the ends of the bracelets. Elastic band is used many times instead of clasps for making bracelets. Different Colour Combinations UsedDifferent colour finishings are given to the beads in glass and that eventually lend a stunning aesthetic effect to the beads.Various Types of Glass Beaded BraceletsThere are various types of <a href=""><b>glass bead bracelets</b></a> such as millefiori, crystal, pearl, murano, and lampwork bead bracelets. Millefiori Beads: These beads create design that have mosaic-like pattern, and look unique and multi-coloured. Murano Beads: These are known as the highest quality beads and are available in various colours such as blue, green and red. Crystal Glass Beads: These are also called swarovski beads. These comprise of lead and refract light and which eventually lends a bright appearance. Pearl Glass Beads: These look like natural pearls and are provided with surface coating in different shades like white, black, beige, silver, gold or pink. Different Shapes, Styles & Designs Timeless: Glass beaded bracelets can be purchased in shapes & styles, which are loved by women of all age groups. These bracelets look good on every occasion and can be worn with any type of attire. Traditional: Glass breaded bracelets with traditional designs are perfect for any ethnic event and can be gifted to friend or relative on occasions like weddings and anniversaries. Contemporary: The modern generation likes flamboyance and attitude, and there is no better way to exhibit these than by wearing glass beaded bracelets that have novel designs. How to Buy the Correct Size? The various glass beaded bracelets are manufactured to have elastic bands and fit easily on thin and large wrist sizes easily. Some bracelets are also provided with clasp. One should take the measurement of the wrist of the person before buying such bracelets. Several esteemed exporters have been engaged in exporting glass beaded bracelets at affordable prices. One can navigate the pages of the website of the Glass Beaded Bracelet Exporters and make a thoughtful purchase decision. Overview of Brass Cuff Bracelets Wed, 26 Nov 2014 16:10:59 +0530 Brass cuff bracelets look good on the wearer and are suitable to be worn on any type of occasion be it a soiree or wedding, and one can also wear them for day to day work. These are inexpensive and can be adjusted according to the wrist size. Even women, who like to accessorize themselves to minimum, have at least one brass cuff bracelet in their jewellery box. These bracelets are popular amongst men also but are mostly worn by women of different age groups. Skin-Friendly: Brass is a metal, and bracelets made with them are very skin-friendly. These do not create rashes on the skin of the wearer, and can be worn the whole day without any irritation caused to the skin.Gap Between Two Sides: The appropriate amount of gap is left between the two sides in a <a href=""><b>brass cuff bracelet</b></a>. The bracelet can be worn by people with different wrist sizes. Available in Different Widths: The brass cuff bracelets can be procured in various width sizes. Though there is a gap left between the two sides but one should choose the size according to one’s wrist size. Available in Different Colours: The brass cuff bracelets are available in different colours such as silver, light gold, gunmetal, blue oil etc. One can buy as many to match them with the bevy of dresses in one’s wardrobe. Come in Different Weights: The bracelets can be procured in different weights. The heavy weighted bracelets look nicely protruding while the light weighted bracelets look very elegant. Different Styles: These bracelets are designed to have varying styles such as vintage, contemporary, hippie, traditional etc. and one can choose according to one’s taste.Shine: If the upper base of the cuff is not provided with any other metal, these can be provided coating, which gives them a nice glossy look. The lustre stays on the cuff for a very long time. Durable: The metal ensures longevity to the bracelets. The brass cuff bracelets do not abrade or break easily. Price: The price of the bracelets depends on the size, style, design etc. One can find brass cuff bracelets in different price ranges. With the increasing demand of brass cuff bracelets many Brass Cuff Bracelet Suppliers have been engaged in offering a wide range of these bracelets to the consumers. The website of any supplier can be browsed and one can see the graphics and read the information provided and take a buying decision. Make A Style Statement With Coloured Stone Rings Mon, 12 Jan 2015 17:01:19 +0530 Undoubtedly, diamonds are every woman’s best friend but colored stones are also gaining popularity among the women across the globe. For the time being, Diamonds have taken a backseat and it is colored stones that are trending everywhere. Today’s engagement rings are no more studded with diamonds but with sparkling Colored stones like sapphire, emerald, ruby etc. Even Prince William planted 18-carat sapphire ring onto the finger of Kate Middlelton on their wedding.   Why To Choose Colored Stone Over Diamond? There are many Precious stones available in the market in various bright colors like green, red, coral, blue etc. All these colored stones also known as, ‘Gemstones’ are in vogue. They not only look fashionable but also very royal and elegant. Gemstones are easier to find, affordable as compared to diamonds and look stylish. The most demanded colored stone these days is sapphire, which is in blue and yellow color. There are different qualities of Sapphires available in the market that is reflected in its color.   Significance Of Colored Stones: Apart from fashion, <a href=""><b>Colored Stone Rings</b></a> are also recommended by astrologers for good health, prosperity, and happiness. Here are some of the benefits that are associated with Colored Stone: Blue Sapphire: It is also known as ‘Neelam’. It is generally worn in silver and it brings mental peace and financial rewards.  Yellow Sapphire: It is also known as ‘Pukhraj’. It is generally worn in gold and it brings financial rewards as it attracts fame, money, and success.  Red Coral: It is also known as ‘Monga’. It is generally worn in silver and it brings physical and mental growth.  Ruby: It is also known as ‘Manik’. It is generally worn in gold, it brings fame in political sphere, and it improves financial problems.  Emerald: It is also known as ‘Panna’. It is generally worn in gold and it brings good health and helps children in education. Hessonite: It is also known as ‘Gomed’. It is generally worn in silver and it helps in spiritual growth, removes fears, and brings clarity of mind.   Tips For Buying Colored Stones Never buy a colored stone that is cloudy Deeper the color of the stone, better the quality Properly cut stones are always better Good quality stones weighing more than 5 carat are very rare So next time whenever you think of buying a stone ring, opt for Colored Stone Ring. Elegant Colored Stone Ring will be make you stand out. So do not forget to dazzle in colored stones.  Wholesale Cord Bracelets Suppliers Wed, 04 Mar 2015 10:58:24 +0530 Suggestion: Different Types of Bracelets: A Must-Have Fashion Accessory For Every Girl   While dressing up for any occasion, be it a casual outing or a formal meeting, it very essential to carefully choose the accessories. One of them is a Bracelet to adorn your chittiyaan kalaiyaan. While some may feel that it is not an accessory that stands out in an ensemble, its absence surely doesn’t go unnoticed. Here, we are bringing forth a guide about different types of Bracelets that your wardrobe must have.     Types of Bracelets Cord Bracelets: Made with cords, pearls, beads and metal caps, Cord Bracelets are perfect for a casual day out and even as a daily wear. They can be made in an array of colors and designs. Not only this, you can buy them in abundance from a Wholesale Ladies Cord Bracelet Supplier in India, as they come at a very affordable price. Being made with threads, they are particularly suitable for you if your skin is allergic to metals.  Beaded Bracelets: These Bracelets are made of loose beads with a center hole and are connected by a piece of string or elastic band. They can be made by weaving beads on the loom or of crimp beads, seed beads and bugle beads inserted in a thread in a repetitive pattern. With colorful and varying sizes of beads, these Bracelets are great for accessorizing casual outfits and semi-formal outfits.    Metal bracelets: These bracelets are made of a single piece of metal, with stones and self-engraved patterns adorning the surface. If you want to call attention to your wrist, this is the most suitable option for you. Metal Bracelets can also be worn as bangles.    The next time you want to add a punch to your look, choose the right kind of Bracelet that makes a unique style statement. Make sure to buy them in a myriad of designs and colors so that you have one for every occasion.  A Colored Stone Ring for Every Day Of The Week Tue, 21 Apr 2015 12:32:29 +0530 For centuries, it is believed that colors have the power to affect our daily lives. In astrology, the importance of colors is highlighted extensively. However, wearing clothes or buying flowers every day of the week is not feasible. An easy answer to this situation is to purchase Colored Stone Rings. They are available in a variety of colors. Now, you can wear a colored ring on the day it will be most beneficial. Let us help you out further by telling which color ring will be significant on which day. SundayThis is the day of the Sun. The influence of Sun is particularly high on this day of the week. To reap the benefits of Sunday, it is advised to wear Pink or Maroon Colored Stone Rings on this day. They will yield good results. MondayMonday believed to be ruled by the Hindu Deity Shiva. His benign blessings are showered on this day. Wearing a White Colored Stone Ring is beneficial, if you are planning to begin anything new. TuesdayTuesday is ruled by the fiery planet Mars and the Hindu Goddess Durga. On this day, she showers her divine blessings. It is good to wear Red Colored Stone Rings on Tuesdays to attract her blessings.WednesdayRuled by Mercury, Wednesday is the best day for people associated with mental work like politicians, leaders, artists, intellectuals etc. Wearing a Green Colored Stone Ring is most beneficial on this day.ThursdayThe day is ruled by the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and Jupiter. To gain prosperity in educational ventures and efforts, it is good to wear Yellow or Off-White Colored Stone Rings on Thursdays.FridayVenus is the ruler of Friday. Therefore, success to women on this day comes easily. For prosperity, wearing Very Light Blue or White <a href="">Colored Stone Rings</a>  is best on this day.SaturdaySaturday is the day of Shani or Saturn. Wearing purple or Black Colored Stone Rings on this day, aids in legal matters and eliminate other problems.Over the years, several therapeutics has emerged who vehemently advocate the advantages of color therapy. Besides all this, we are taught since childhood that colors are worn on specific days brings prosperity, success and happiness. So if you are desirous of buying these, finding Colored Stone Rings Suppliers has become very convenient. They are registered on B2B portals and provide their products online at economical prices. So, what are you waiting for go buy a ring for each day today! Bracelets are one of the best ornaments for women Thu, 21 May 2015 14:16:22 +0530 The bracelets look elegant and hence, different kinds are available on the market. The kinds of bracelets that are popular among women are available in various stores, online or offline. The store has a huge stock of such bracelets. For a party look or when you are going to some traditional occasion, a bracelet always makes you look different. To stay put at the center of the attention of all, you should wear a bracelet that is differently designed and beautifully decorated. The experts are there to create the bracelets that are able to steal the show anywhere you go. <a href="">Metal Bracelets Exporters</a> have taken the popularity of the bracelets to the height of success.The bracelets are beautiful and well designed:For the best collection of bracelets, you should no longer delay your purchase, though there is a huge stock of bracelets available; the best will be yours if you pick it first. There are different kinds of bracelets available on the market which are quite different from one another in their appearance. The similarity between them is that all of them are quite affordable. Even though they look beautiful and are well designed, still they are surprisingly very much affordable. On wearing these bracelets, women can look wonderful. The constant effort of the manufacturers and exporters of the bracelets are to give you a stunning look.They look expensive and gorgeous, but they are not expensive at all:Going around wearing expensive bracelets is no longer a safe idea, however, you must not leave your love for these bracelets. This is why many manufacturers of metal bracelets have come up who design amazing looking bracelets which are available all over the world. They create a range of metal bracelets, which are not expensive at all. For the lovers of ornaments, these kinds of bracelets are the best. These can be worn to any occasion and can still make you stand out from the rest. If you want to make the best purchase then you should go online and find a seller near you, we are very sure you will be amazed to see their collection.The franchise appoints a great team of experts who are well educated in the designing of ornaments and they take great care at the time of making the ornaments, especially the bracelets. The exporters of the bracelets are quite experienced in this job and make sure that each piece is a masterpiece in itself.