A Colored Stone Ring For Every Day Of The Week

Posted by Admin on April, 21, 2015

For centuries, it is believed that colors have the power to affect our daily lives. In astrology, the importance of colors is highlighted extensively. However, wearing clothes or buying flowers every day of the week is not feasible. An easy answer to this situation is to purchase Colored Stone Rings. They are available in a variety of colors. Now, you can wear a colored ring on the day it will be most beneficial. Let us help you out further by telling which color ring will be significant on which day.

This is the day of the Sun. The influence of Sun is particularly high on this day of the week. To reap the benefits of Sunday, it is advised to wear Pink or Maroon Colored Stone Rings on this day. They will yield good results.

Monday believed to be ruled by the Hindu Deity Shiva. His benign blessings are showered on this day. Wearing a White Colored Stone Ring is beneficial, if you are planning to begin anything new.

Tuesday is ruled by the fiery planet Mars and the Hindu Goddess Durga. On this day, she showers her divine blessings. It is good to wear Red Colored Stone Rings on Tuesdays to attract her blessings.

Ruled by Mercury, Wednesday is the best day for people associated with mental work like politicians, leaders, artists, intellectuals etc. Wearing a Green Colored Stone Ring is most beneficial on this day.

The day is ruled by the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and Jupiter. To gain prosperity in educational ventures and efforts, it is good to wear Yellow or Off-White Colored Stone Rings on Thursdays.

Venus is the ruler of Friday. Therefore, success to women on this day comes easily. For prosperity, wearing Very Light Blue or White Colored Stone Rings is best on this day.

Saturday is the day of Shani or Saturn. Wearing purple or Black Colored Stone Rings on this day, aids in legal matters and eliminate other problems.

Over the years, several therapeutics has emerged who vehemently advocate the advantages of color therapy. Besides all this, we are taught since childhood that colors are worn on specific days brings prosperity, success and happiness. So if you are desirous of buying these, finding Colored Stone Rings Suppliers has become very convenient. They are registered on B2B portals and provide their products online at economical prices. So, what are you waiting for go buy a ring for each day today!

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